Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vintage Vinyl from the Soft Film Jukebox — Only on Lucky Cat Radio

Tune in to Zoë Baxter's Lucky Cat radio show on Resonance 104.4FM this Saturday, November 10th, for an exclusive mix of Chinese oldies handpicked by yours truly. The show broadcasts live from London at 3:30pm, but thanks to the magic of the Internet you can listen from San Francisco (7:30am), New York (10:30am), Hong Kong (10:30pm), or wherever you happen to be. Just go to the ResonanceFM website at the appropriate time and switch on their radio widget.

Some highlights include a rare and fabulous Cantonese cover of The Beatles' "Yesterday" and a jaunty Hokkien pop number by Taiwanese opera superstar Yang Li-hua. For a further peek at what's in store, check out the EP covers I've been posting at Soft Tofu. I hope you all can give the show a listen.

A great big thanks to Zoë for letting me fulfill my DJ fantasy!


Robin Lung said...

Just posted an alert on FINDING KUKAN's Facebook page. If it's anything like the play list you cooked up for our "Night In Old Shanghai" party at Indigo, we are going to have to get our dancing shoes ready :)

dleedlee said...

Too cool, Dave!

Is there going to be a podcast available later? I'm going to be on the road this morning and out of internet access. :\

Justin Choo said...

Hi Dave,

Looks like you are also familiar with old-time Chinese singers! Many Chinese singers did not appear on screen, but mainly were "voice-over".

Incredible, Chinese oldies broadcasted from London!

duriandave said...

-- Thanks Robin! Yes, bring your dancing shoes. There are some real rockers as well as slow numbers.

--Of course, Dennis! No one gets left out of this party. ;D

-- Hi Justin! I love Chinese music just as much as movies. And as you know, the two go hand in hand.