Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jade Girl Smokes a Cigarette

I'm always a little surprised whenever I see this picture of "jade girl" Patricia Lam Fung, uncharacteristically shown smoking a cigarette. Smoking was de rigueur for bad girls and femme fatales like Bai Guang, but "jade girls" like Pat had to carefully protect their pure image. Even more surprising is the fact that this pinup appeared in the same issue of Southern Screen (No. 10, November 1958) as an article about Shaw's newly formed Jade Girl Fan Club, which targeted its membership to teenage girls. Hmmm... I wonder how many of Pat's young fans were inspired to imitate their idol.


nora falchero said...

That wonderful dress!

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Is my dislike of smoking enough to ruin what is otherwise a lovely pose and picture? Maybe the way she's holding the smoke is the problem. Looks like a cigarette ad from a magazine.

Fang Shih-yu said...

If Glenn was a bit surprised by this picture, imagine my reaction when I saw a rare Star Trek (original show)promo shot of William Shatner in character as Kirk, holding a cigarette!

I've also seen reruns of Match Game on GSN where smoking and ashtrays were in plain sight!

How times have changed!

A nice picture, duriandave, by the way!

dleedlee said...

I still have fond memories of buying candy cigarettes at my (parochial) grade school!

Still crave them to this day, too. But a lot harder to find. :D

duriandave said...

-- Nora, yes.. I love that print!

-- Glenn, even though I'm not a smoker, I still think smoking looks sexy.

-- Fang, that's a great story. I can image a SNL-style skit with Kirk chain smoking on the deck during a tense situation. ;p

-- Dennis, I used to "smoke" those too! Remember how they were coated in a powder that you could blow out like smoke.

Andrew said...

It's a sad truth that women do look sexy smoking long cigarettes - preferably in a holder. Maybe the new safe green or e-cigarettes will bring back this sensual experience.

duriandave said...

LOL... never heard of those before! I guess this truly is the e-Age.