Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Connie Chan Strikes Again

Time to bust out the turntable again. The following soundtrack EP for Connie Chan's 1967 film Lady Black Cat Strikes Again (黑野貓霸海揚威) is pretty typical of the eclectic world of early Cantopop, in which an American country & western hit could be casually transformed into the rousing theme song for a crimefighting Hong Kong heroine. Even the seemingly straightforward adaptation of a Spanish waltz reveals the gender-bending influence of Cantonese opera by having Connie sing as both señorita and señor.

If the cool cover art and jaunty songs catch your fancy, then check out my review of the Lady Black Cat movies, both of which are available on DVD.

黑野貓 ("Ghost Riders in the Sky")
(play song)

西班牙舞曲 ("Spanish Dance")
(play song)

真情假意 ("Wine & Tea")
(play song)

銀海風光 ("A Star is Born")
(play song)

* Back cover of the EP with Chinese lyrics


GoldenPigsy said...

As a Johnny Cash fan, I have to say that if I had an ipod, Connie Chan's cover of "Ghost Riders" would be right at the top of my go-to playlist.

duriandave said...

I can't think of higher praise than that. If I had an iPod, it would be on my playlist too. ;)

coolingstar9 said...

I love to watch those movies during my childhood.
Those shows were ready fantatic and brought me a lot of sweet memories. I love old movies.

duriandave said...

Hi coolingstar9! I love those old movies too. New is not always better.

ewaffle said...

Damn! I finally listened to the "Ghost Riders" by Connie Chan--and just finished listening for the seventh or eighth time tonite.

"Ghost Riders" is an amazing song--a lot of artists have recorded it including more than a few guitar gods as well as singers.

It is a three minute country and western "Flying Dutchman".

duriandave said...

Hi Ed! Yeah, "Ghost Riders" a catchy song that pulls you back for repeated listens. The distance the song has traveled in space and time is a testament to its greatness.

Anonymous said...

i do have an ipod and this is going on it...

duriandave said...

Cool! Glad to hear it. :)