Monday, April 5, 2010

A Legendary Woman: Tina Ti (1945-2010)

A legendary woman (奇女子): that's what they called Tina. And lest you think the title was only on account of her magnanimous bosom, check out this article. Did you know that she worked as a spy for the People's Republic of China!

If the stories in the article are true, then Tina Ti indeed lived an extraordinary life. However, I must take task with the statement that she was the first Hong Kong actress to appear nude (in Li Han-hsiang's The Warlord).

To the best of my knowledge, that particular honor goes to the incomparable Fanny Fan. She bared her booty on the silver screen in The Golden Buddha (1966) — a full six years before Tina. Furthermore, in Diary of a Lady-Killer (1969) — which stars both bombshells — while Tina stands around with her arms modestly covering her breasts, it's Fanny who reveals her "points" in a steamy shower scene with Ivy Ling Po's husband Chin Han.

As for Tina's notorious scene in The Warlord (1972), according to her it was unscripted and director Li Han-hsiang filmed more than he promised — sneaking that shot of Tina's backside with a hidden camera. Contrast this with Fanny's scene in The Golden Buddha, where she stands totally naked with her back to the camera and then turns her head and throws a smile to the audience, as if to say: "Look at me, boys!"

Of course, none of this detracts from Tina's status as a sex goddess. But remember: before Tina, there was Fanny.

Even though I obviously don't worship at the Temple of Tina, I'm still a fan, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that, in the wake of her passing, Celestial Pictures will consider releasing the erotic thriller Dark Rendezvous (1969), which features her in a special cameo.

Rest in peace, Tina. Long live your legend!

Tina Ti and Ling Yun in Dark Rendezvous


Eddy said...

thanks so much for introducing me to this actress. What an amazing lady. I wonder if a biopic is in the works?
That still from Dark Rendezvous is delicious!

nora falchero said...

I like so much your blog, I'm very happy to have discovered.

SpyMonkey said...

So young! I remember watching Tina Ti's movie review program on Hong Kong TV when I was a kid. It was probably one of the first movie review shows ever on Hong Kong TV. It was brilliant to have a movie bombshell hosting such a TV show. Rating was high I'm sure. She was also one of the smartest Hong Kong actresses who knew how to manuveur her bombshell image to segue into other fields such as business and politics, and be successful at multi-platforms.

duriandave said...

-- Eddy, these other stills from Dark Rendezvous will make your make your mouth water even more!

-- Nora, thanks for saying hello! Glad you like my blog. :)

-- SpyMonkey, that's so cool about her movie review show. Tina is such an interesting person!

René Claude said...

What a beautiful photogramme (with masks) !

duriandave said...

Yeah, it's a great photo! Perfectly staged and shot.