Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diana Chang: The Most Beautiful Creature in Free China

"The Most Beautiful Creature in Free China"... that's what they called her.

This 1958 pinup of Diana Chang Chung-wen amply demonstrates why she was the reigning sex symbol of Hong Kong cinema during the late 50s. Was she a secret Cold War weapon deployed by the Nationalists to win the hearts and minds of undecided Chinese men around the world? I don't know, but Diana was definitely a Z-Bomb with immense seductive power.

Once again, a big big thanks to Oldflames for providing this tasty piece of cheesecake! If you would like to see a more mature, but just as sexy, pinup of Diana taken only three years later, then take a look over here.

Further Reading
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oldflames said...

In the late 50s, Diana Chang was hitting her peak as a bombshell and a come-hither goddess...truly amazing

Glenn, kenixfan said...

And it's quite funny to remember that she played Li Ching's mother (!) in Susanna.

duriandave said...

-- Oldflames, it's really a shame that none of Diana's earlier films are available on DVD. I did have the pleasure of seeing Flame in Ashes / 地下火花 (1958) at the HKFA. She has little to do in the film besides look good, but she is absolutely stunning. (It's a color film, BTW.)

-- Glenn, soon after Diana joined Shaw Brothers, she was eager to shed her reputation as a sex symbol and quickly started playing mother roles, which wasn't too difficult because, in fact, she was already a mother. Maybe Oldflames can tell us if her child was from her first or second marriage.

Chris Tan said...

Her oldest son was once a TV host for a varierty show in Singapore in the late 70's or early 80's.

I heard that Diana recently moved from Las Vegas to Houston. I'm not sure how true is that?

Chris Tan

oldflames said...

Dave, you are giving another solid reason to visit HKFA this year,hehe.I have watched her Sweet Sister In Law想入非非 (1958),as what you have said, she has little to do in the film besides looking really good, of course that also includes a "de rigeur" bathing scene...Diana Chang and Chung Ching were nicknamed "The Most Hygienic Actress" by the press, because in most of the movies they made, there must be at least one bathing or showering scene.

duriandave said...

-- Hi Chris! I'd read that Diana lived in the U.S., but didn't know exactly where. So many HK stars have retired here!

-- Hi Oldflames! "Most Hygienic Actress"... that's so hilarious! What a great title. ;D

oldflames said...

In the 50s, showering or bathing scene of any notable actress was a big attraction for the audience. Chinese love to use flower as a symbol to express the beauty of a lady...therefore those scenes are always desribed as "furong chusui"-which can be loosely translated as 'Hisbiscus emerging from the water"..hehe.

duriandave said...

"Hisbiscus emerging from the water"... I love it!

"Furong chusui" is also used for those flower tea balls that unfold when you pour the hot water, right?

oldflames said...

Yup, you can say that.

Loreto said...

Hi Duriandave! Wow, she looks great with that bikini *-* (how I'd like to dress one like this, with that nice shape and fabric!It's winter here, so I miss a lot the sun and the beach!) I especially love chinese and japanese pin up girls, they are incredibly beautiful and elegant as well.


duriandave said...

Hi Loreto! Glad you like the photo. :)

Although it is summer here in San Francisco, it has been very cool and overcast lately. So, I'll definitely be posting some more beach and swimsuit pinups to warm things up a bit!