Saturday, January 10, 2009

Three Musketeers Hong Kong-Style

This post is a special shout-out to Tars Tarkas, who gave me lots of love on his blog the other day. I was perversely happy to hear him confess that he is driven crazy by my penchant for posting about "some awesome-sounding Chinese film that probably no longer exists". Believe me, I drive myself just as crazy! And I often wonder why I am more excited about some film I will never be able to see than I am about the newly released second part of John Woo's Red Cliff, the "most expensive Chinese-language movie ever". What's wrong with me?!

Well, here's another lost treasures to drive me and Tars crazy (and anyone else who gets excited about such things): a flyer for the 1952 film The Precious Sword and the Magic Bow aka Three Lady Fighters aka Daughters of Musketeer. It's directed by martial-arts movie pioneer Yam Yu-tin and stars Hong Kong action queen Yu So-chow and Yam's daughter Yam Yin.

Click on the image for a larger version.


Tars Tarkas said...

Apparently I had an old Blogger profile I didn't know about so I can leave comments on your site! Thanks for the should out and the driving of crazy. I'll have some reviews up you will probably like later this month, I am just finalizing the mp3s.

duriandave said...

Cool! Looking forward to those reviews. I'm very curious about what you have up your sleeve.

oldflames said...

Oh, for the entire week, I am just so hooked on the Roman Costume Fairy Tale Genre. At first i thought that that was a unique genre of the Cantonese movies, but i beg to differ now, this Yu Sow Chow's mandarin movie Three Musketeers proves that as early as 1952, the mandarin movie circle had already produced a similar type of movie...part Roman,part Arabian, part sword fighting, and all the fairy tale styling and outfits... How can I not love all these retro films,huhu...Dave,if you wanna have a look at this Yu Sow Chow's classic movie booklet cover and back cover, just let me know, love to share it with you.

duriandave said...

Yes, yes! You don't even have to ask me. Just send it my way!

Now, I'm all geared up to write a post devoted to this unique Hong Kong genre. :)

oldflames said...

Cool!Bring it on Dave, i am so looking forward to reading your piece on the Roman meets Arabian Chinese fairy tales movie genre.Please, please do not forget to mention MP&GI's My Kingdom for a Husband and The Magic Box.In My Kingdom (well, it should be aptly re-named as Queendom), Law Yim Heng is so regally beautiful as the Queen...I am impressed.Law was repeated featured in almost all of the MP&GI's faux Roman-inspired flicks, making her, to certain degree, the No 1 star of this unique genre.