Saturday, November 1, 2008

Origins of the Z-Bomb

Fanny Fan was Hong Kong cinema's "youngest Z-bomb" in 1959.

In my quest for all things Fanny Fan, I came across a photo piece from the May 1959 issue of The Happiness Movieland referring to her as "the youngest Z-bomb". It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what exactly makes a "Z-bomb". Still, I was curious about the term, since it was also used in the same issue to describe Lau Leung-Wa ("a real Z-bomb").

According to War Slang: American Fighting Words and Phrases Since the Civil War, a Z-bomb is "a mythical bomb of such power that exploding it would 'end it all'. The term was used in the 1950s, and a stripper of that period, Lolinda Raquel, billed herself as Margo the Mexican Z-Bomb 'The Absolute End'."

Thanks to, I discovered this tantalizing piece about Margo from the November 25, 1960 issue of the San Mateo Times:

Margo the Z Bomb "Blows" in Dec. 1

Six years ago, Margo the Bomb "blasted" away at Luz Garcia's Sinaloa. Anyone who visited the San Francisco Powell Street night club during that time will never forget her. Never before, or since, has anyone been able to shake her torso in so many directions at one time as formful Margo.

After a long run at Sinaloa, Margo received an offer (a three figure sum) to appear in a Manila club with the contract understanding that if she was a big hit, her salary would double at the end of six weeks.

Never one to hold back the career of any of her acts, Luz Garcia wished Margo "bon voyage" and good luck — thinking she would return to the Sinaloa in three or four months.

Margo was such a "shaking" success that all options on contracts were picked up and for the past six years she has been in the three figure weekly salary bracket. The publicity raves from all over the world stamp this little lady as being "number one" in her field.

Because Miss Garcia was kind enough to release her from the local contract six years ago, Margo has agreed to again headline the Sinaloa all-Mexican show beginning next Thursday, December 1.

Well, the world is truly a small place. Not only am I familiar with the building in Chinatown/North Beach that used to house the club where Margo danced (and which currently houses the Lichee Garden Restaurant), but Margo also makes a stunning appearance in the Grace Chang musical Mambo Girl (1957).

Wow! All hail the "Mother of Hong Kong's Z-Bombs"!


Charley said...

Very interesting post. Apologies for the poor quality, but here's an advertisement from a 1957 issue of The Straits Times for an appearance by Margo the Z-Bomb:

click here

duriandave said...

Wow! That's super cool. Thanks!

Dev said...

Interesting finding! thanks Dave~~

Dev said...

Hi Dave,

i think I have the color photo for Fanny in this series of swimsuit sexy post~~ if you would like to have it please let me know

duriandave said...

Yes, please! :D

Charley said...
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Charley said...

Charley said...
Click on links below for some Mambo Girl Z-Bomb pix, if you're interested, from International Screen (again, apologies for the poor quality):

1. Grace Chang and Margo the Z-Bomb get instructions from director Yi Wen

Ge Lan listens, Z-Bomb has something to say?

2.The Z-Bomb dancing with Peter Chen Hou - strange since no such kind of scene appears in the film

December 12, 2008 6:39 AM

duriandave said...

Thanks Charley! Those are great pics.

Hmm... I wonder what the encounter between "Mambo Girl" Grace Chang and "Z-Bomb" Margo was like...

The link you posted for the Margo & Chen Ho was broken, so I took the liberty of fixing it.

The Z-Bomb dancing with Peter Chen Hou

Chen Ho looks damn happy dancing with Margo!

Anonymous said...

have a blurb, program from Sydney Australia show boat circa 1950s for Margo the Z bomb nice b & w face closeup pics and one full length

duriandave said...

Cool! I'd love to see it, if you don't mind sharing. Send me an email:

Anonymous said...

I remember her from The Sinaloa in San Francisco. She was also one of the mother's of break dancing.